I’m pleased to say that the motor is performing splendid, giving me maneuvering speed of 3-4kts at 7kW or lower. I motored for two hours into Ensenada at 3.5kts and it did not complain in the least. Now continuing with the unfurnished projects, hoping to get some more sailing in 2023!


Also attaching some photos of the custom mount I had made. It’s a snug fit on the cross beam that used to support rear engine mount (under the transmission), with 5″ wide plates transferring forward/reverse thrust, 2″ inner plates to prevent sideways movement, and bolts ran in grooves on the bottom of the beam to prevent torque movement. Additionally, the forward bolt of each rear leg of the motor is screwed into the beam. I noticed a little vibration when running at above 1000RPM, but nothing that can’t be adjusted with a little tweaking. I’m yet to run a proper stress test of the entire system.