Why Choose Us?

Why Electric Yacht?

• Dedicated engineering, design team and company in the marine propulsion industry.

• Broad array of products from small to large, all-electric to hybrid, sail to power.

• Industry leading warranty – 3 years

• Reputation for resale support and after sale support

• Each system is engineered and built purposefully for each boat with optimum results for each boat and sailing environment.

Why the QuietTorque™ 10 rather than the other DIY kits? 

You get the Electric Yacht Control and Helm Monitor with the QuietTorque™ 10.

• Three year warranty vs 90 day

• This will give you greater accuracy, greater control, programmability, and greater regeneration.

• This is the most sophisticated control and communication system available in the electric propulsion recreational power system market.

Anodized aluminum frame dissipates heat, allowing motor and motor control electronics to be contained in one compact package.

Weatherproof throttle control and key switch can be mounted in the cockpit and provide many years of trouble free service.

Digital display provides feedback on motor operation and battery state of charge (SOC)

Cog tooth timing belt reduction system is lightweight, efficient and long lasting

Multiple reduction ratios match virtually any propeller size to the motor’s torque/speed profile, optimizing performance

Shaft coupler, power switch, Class-T fuse, fuse holder and relay complete the package. Add batteries and charger to complete system

Three year replacement warranty and support from design to commissioning to ongoing assistance months and years down the road.

Compare us to the competition

On the one hand are the DIY component kits available from certain electric vehicle supply houses. Their “kits” are little more than a motor, motor controller and a wiring harness. You are on your own for the rest of the installation.

• Frame to support the motor and propeller shaft

• Pulley and belt, direct coupling of the motor to your propeller shaft is seldom appropriate and will often lead to over heating at anything but low power levels. Also, the motor bearings are not appropriate thrust bearings

• Shaft coupler

• Cockpit throttle control, the “pot box” typically supplied is not waterproof.

• Mounting hardware to connect frame to engine beds

• Heatsink and/or forced air cooling for motor controller

• Mounting means for motor controller

• Power switch and Class-T fuse and holder to be mounted near battery positive

• One supplier offers a steel plate with 2:1 ratio cast iron pulleys, a belt, bearing, propeller shaft and shaft coupler. This is an improvement, but not really made using marine grade materials. The customer still must fabricate mounting hardware to connect the frame plate to the engine beds. In most cases, the propeller will need to be changed to get full power from the motor.

• We have had a number of people who did this say they wish they would have purchased one of our complete kits. The additional time and money spent did not make for a good value.

• At the other end of the spectrum are full featured units at higher prices. For the most part, they use quality materials suitable for a marine environment. However, most offer one or a limited number of reduction ratios. Often resulting in the need to replace the propeller to get rated output.

• The heat dissipating properties of our frame allow us to attach the motor controller to the frame, using it as a heatsink. Others require the motor controller to be mounted separately, often requiring forced air cooling.

• Many of these suppliers do not include a display and battery monitoring in the base price, driving up costs. The same goes for the cockpit control (throttle control). Again, increasing the final price.

• Compare to the competition…we think you will agree an Electric Yacht QuietTorque™ electric propulsion motor provides the best value available today

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