Here are a number of links to blogs in which EY is mentioned, if not the center of focus.

May 22, 2012: Another link many readers will find of interest is written by our dealer in Southern California, Mike Gunning.  If you are anywhere in SoCal, and surrounding area, Mike is your guy for electric conversion!

Just linked, April 11, 2012:  Eric Harm’s  Account of re-powering Coincidence, a 1982 Victoria 26 Elegante during the summer of 2011. Coincidence’ home port is Lake Mendota near Madison WI.

January 16, 2012: Blogger Bob Wise bemoans the fact that his boat has become totally boring in the maintenance department. His EY system is so trouble-free he has a problem finding anything to write about! The kind of stories we love to hear!

December 21, 2011: Extensive conversation on the benefits of electric propulsion throughout this very interesting blog authored by Captain Daniel Collins. He covers the installation of an Electric Yacht system on his Allied Princess 36 with photos and details.

August 14, 2011: A rescue story of sorts, EY Owner Pitt Bolinate shares a story of having a chainplate break and his EY system coming through on the Yahoo Electric Boats forum:

May 21, 2011: Here is another great blog you can follow on an Electric Yacht conversion of an Ericson 27:

“The Adventures of Electra Gal.”

John Wilson and his father, Ian, with help from Lorne, a professional marine electrician, are replacing an Atomic 4 with an Electric Yacht System. Follow this detailed and well written blog and add your comments at:

Ed Sherman is a prolific writer about sailboats and their systems, and is also an ABYC instructor. See what he has to say about EY after his introduction by our dealers Jim Newell and Fred Pegley (Electric Yacht Canada) in Halifax earlier this month: Here is his blog entry:

Bob Wise is a customer of Electric Yacht and has the unfortunate destiny of living aboard in the Carribean:

There is always impartial, informative dicussion in that Yahoo Group, although it covers the broader topic of all electric boats, not just sailboat auxiliaries. There is lots of discussion on battery technology and selection too. Take a look:

Here is the blog That Bob Wise maintains, and this entry in particular features reflections of another EY customer, Merrick White.

Here is Merrick White’s interesting account of live-aboard experiences. Not a lot of reference to the Freedom 32’s EY System, a sign that it’s working well. in August of 2011,  Merrick sold the boat to a new owner, named Jim ____ .  If you know where we can find him, please email Bill Tomlinson (bill [at] as I lost the info I had.

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