QuietTorque™ 10.0


The QuietTorque™ 10.0 is recommended for boats up to 35’ (LOA) and 12,000lbs displacement.

Typically replaces gas or diesel engines in the 15hp – 25hp range.  Typical battery size is 200 – 300Ah



Motor type                       PMAC*

Voltage                              48Vdc nom (36-65Vdc)

Max. Input Power          10.0 kW  (20 min)

Cont. Input Power         8.0 kW

Weight                               70 lbs (32 kg)

Frame                                 Anodized Aluminum

Shaft                                   Stainless Steel

*Permanent Magnet Alternating Current


Standard Features

Motor Mounts:                  Adjustable Mounts use current engine stringers

Throttle:                              SS & Al waterproof throttle with key switch

System Monitor:                Programmable digital display

  • State of Charge (SOC)
  • Voltage, Current and Power
  • RPM
  • Time to Discharge (TTD)
  • Programmable for battery type and size
    • Flooded, AGM and Lithium

Shaft coupler:                      4” Hurth/Borg Warner flange

Power Switch:                      Blue Sea battery switch

Relay:                                     500A TE Connectivity vacuum relay

Fuse:                                      250A Class-T fuse & holder

Why Electric Yacht

  • Computer generated performance projections
  • Three year warranty
  • Designed for customer installation
  • The QuietTorque™10.0 is a Plug-n-Play system ready for you to add batteries, battery cables and charger. Contact us and we will help you design a complete system to meet your needs.         

Where is the QuietTorque 10.0 most appropriate?

  • Monohull sailboats up to 12,000 lbs replacing diesel engines up to 25hp
  • Multihull sailboats replacing gas/diesel engines up to 20hp
  • Launches and other displacement mode power boats up to 8000 lbs
  • Installations often use portable generator to extend range
  • Sailboats for weekend sailing and occasional coastal cruising trips


is appropriate in most cases. The unit incorporates a neutral lock to prevent accidental operation. Designed to provide many years of dependable operation.


is appropriate in most cases. Designed to give all the information you need in a simple, compact package.


is an easy to read programable monitor screen that is twice the size as the standard monitor. It has an expanded second screen with motor data presented in a clear and easy to read format.


is appropriate for boats with wheel steering. It is designed to attach to the 1” grab rail that surrounds most binnacles. It can also attach directly to a binnacle post if no rail is present. It is supplied with longer 20’ cables and is ready to install on your binnacle.


is recommended when a generator and/or solar is used to extend range. The current sensor measures charging current and will give correct State of Charge (SOC) and Time to Discharge (TTD) readings by capturing the power being generated. It is installed between the output of the generator (or generator powered battery charger) and the battery.