The Electric Yacht Company has spent several years developing the second generation QuietTorque system. The engineering goal was to create a simple reliable system that could be adapted to the many different re-power needs of our clients. For boats from 25ft to 55ft with displacements form 4000 pounds to 40000 pounds, the QuietTorque system focuses on simple, reliable, easy to install, and durable system design. The QuietTorque system is light weight, well-engineered, well-built, and comes with a three year warranty. Unmatched in the North American market it has become the standard for repowering day sailors to ocean crossing cruisers. We are the only company that offers 20 kW and 30 kW solutions operating at a safe low voltage (48Vdc).  Following are features that separate Electric Yacht from other marine propulsion suppliers.

• The Electric Yacht built throttle has forward and reverse with a lock in neutral. In neutral with the key in the on position, there is automatic regeneration when the boat is reaching appropriate speeds.  Bankable at over 5 knots.  Multiple controls available for multiple helms. Other select electronic controls can be used if desired.

• The Electric Yacht exclusive programmable monitor has a backlight that can be adjusted for night vision. The intelligent unit coupled with the Electric Yacht control module mounted with the Sevcon controller allow for set up and reprogramming of the motor. From the helm, you can modify battery type, battery size, throttle direction / max power, and regeneration setting (for sailboats). Clearly seen are Battery Voltage (V), Current (A), Power (kW), State of Charge (%), Time to Discharge (Hours) at current power setting, motor speed (R/M) (before propeller reduction), and key switch on/off state. The system can have multiple monitors for multiple helms.

• The frame is the heart of the system and allows multiple gearing options and makes the motor installation simple. The frame has two thrust bearings built in. High quality toothed timing belts transfer power to the propeller shaft.  The prop shaft is electrically isolated.  The Sevcon motor controller(s) mount to the frame making for an overall compact package.  Besides providing a rigid platform for the motor, the frame acts as a heat sink keeping the motor controller(s) cool.  Where space is limited, such as V-drive replacements, the motor controller(s) can be mounted off-fram.

• The flexible mounting system allows the motor to be mounted to the existing engine beds, in most cases.

• The TE Connectivity relay(s) disconnects power to the motor controller when the key is off or there is a fault in the system.

• We use quality Blue Sea and Gigavac power switches to connect or disconnect battery voltage from the motor.

• A Class-T fuse and holder is included to protect the wiring and downstream components from a short circuit condition.

• There are several 48/72/96Vdc to 12Vdc or 24Vdc converters available, allowing the house battery to be charged from the propulsion battery.

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