Charging Batteries


When under sail, place the throttle in neutral with the keyswitch “on” when the dragging propeller rotates this will regenerate a power charge to the batteries . Hull Speed and Prop Shaft RPM dictate charging amperage.

We can put you in contact with an Electric Yacht “Family Member” with a similar boat in order to discuss real time Regen experiences.

Solar/Wind Power:

Solar panels or a wind generator can be added to supplement regeneration and shore power charging. This is especially useful for moored boats. Solar, wind and/or regenerative charging can allow the boat owner to be completely free of the power grid and fossil fuel power.

Shore Power Charging:

We highly recommend modern “smart” shore power chargers. Typically, these are microprocessor controlled chargers that sense the charge level of a battery and step down the charging current as full charge is approached. When the batteries are fully charged, they will turn off. This prevents over charging. If AGM or Gel batteries are used, a good quality charger designed for the specific type is a must.

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