If you want details, Initram’s owner, John Wilson has been documenting this conversion from an Atomic 4 on his Blog in great detail… The test run just took place the week ahead of Labor Day, 2010. Once the folding two-blade prop is replaced by a fixed three-blade, John and his father Ian, will be even happier than they are now.

Go here for a wonderful story:

Some of the specs:
Length OA: 34 feet 8 inches
LWL: 32 feet approx.
Displacement: 13,800
Propeller Diameter: will switch as per recommendation to 3 blade, maximum diameter that will fit in the aperture
Propeller Pitch: as above
Propeller Shaft Diameter: Atomic 4
Electric Yacht Model: QuieTorque 180ibl, 48V

Photo below shows the adaptation to the binacle, left, and the Battery Monitor. Note the HR refers to Hours Remaining at the current rate of draw, serving as your “fuel gauge!’