Sailing with an Electric Motor

In 2021 we installed the QuietTorque™ 10.0 Electric Motor by Electric Yacht on our 1972 Cheoy Lee Clipper Sailboat, which we use for day charters from May through October on Lake Superior. We have been extremely satisfied with the performance of this motor.

First of all, the QuietTorque™ 10.0 is incredibly quiet compared to traditional diesel engines. This has been a huge benefit for us, as we head out on our tours we are able to enjoy a conversation with our guests. The quiet operation allows passengers to enjoy a more peaceful and relaxing experience.

In terms of power, the QuietTorque™ 10.0 has meet our expectations. It provides enough thrust for Starling, even in choppy conditions. We have only recently started to venture out on longer overnight sailing trips beyond the bay and experiment with our generator. We have been impressed with how a 2000 watt generator can recharge our battery bank at a similar rate that shore power will charge it. We have found that you can even charge the batteries with the generator while under way if needed. We enjoyed over 200 sailing trips this past summer and essentially used no gas or diesel. So to say it is fuel efficient is an understatement.

Overall, we highly recommend the QuietTorque™ 10.0 Electric Motors to anyone looking to upgrade their sailboat’s propulsion system. It has proven to be a reliable, efficient, and quiet option that has greatly enhanced our day sailing experience. We look forward to experimenting more with the motor on longer trips and testing its limitations.

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