…the first use of electric power to go
sailing. We had hoped to get to Alcatraz but
cut short… We got power regeneration at
about 4.5 knots while sailing and the
traction bank registered 100 percent when we docked. Control of boat
at low speed is vastly better due to prop continuing to rotate at 50 to
500 rpm and provide directional stability below the idle speed of the
It was cool to add just a touch of throttle when sailing in light wind to give positive control of the helm.
Friend Hal seemed blown away by Electric Yacht system. Professionally installed, quiet, powerful. Wave
of the future! After motoring and sailing (with regen!) we got back to the marina with 100 percent in the
A little humor, we crossed tacks with a Beneteau 375, on the next tack I casually flipped the motor to 15
amps and we blew by the Beneteau. Last we saw the Beneteau, he was shrugging as if to say “I need some
of that magic “
I have feared docking for a while. Today, I docked, single handed, three times without a touch. I think the
low speed control may be the best thing about EY! Thanks to all who made it possible for us!