Here’s a customer’s step by step photos of their QT5.0 install done in 2018

old 8hp Yanmar diesel engine ready to be removed

empty engine pad needs to be cleaned; new electric wiring custom made at local marina per my length specs

empty shelf where the diesel fuel tank used to be, just right size for 4 batteries; old propeller shaft coupling needs to be removed

old propeller shaft coupling removed; went through 3 blades on a reciprocating saw; water intake value for old engine (left) will eventually be removed and hull sealed

new prop shaft coupling partially installed

four 12-volt batteries installed where diesel fuel tank used to be; wired in sequence to get 48v

48v charger bolted to engine compartment bulkhead

Electric Yacht components laid out on my workbench

electric motor bolted to engine mount, after carefully aligning with propeller shaft and tightening shaft coupling

motor cover attached to complete the install