Hey Mike
Sorry about the long delay on install info, at least I can say all is well. I really wasn’t able to get started till after the
New Year, and it has taken several trips out to get to where I am now. It’s a bit tougher when your project is 1000
kilometers away.
Configuring the mounting rails took an entire trip, much longer than expected, as the Bayfield has an unusual motor
mounting system. On the next trip, the motor itself went in very easily, and
alignment seemed almost too simple. The battery installation took the most
effort, and initially I had planned to use a temporary location, but a rare
brainstorm solved that problem and an excellent location was discovered. I
do have to now build a new set of companionway stairs, but they were
somewhat small in the first place.
We just returned from the final component installation trip, and some tense
moments were endured. On the day of ‘Operational Power Up’, we had very
strong winds so there was no plan to leave the dock. After the default setting set-up, I engaged the system. First
putting it into Forward, then into Reverse, then repeating at higher settings. The panel showed increasing numbers
but nothing was actually happening, I sort of broke into a cold sweat and my mind raced as to what I could have
possibly connected wrong. I was sure everything was perfect and then repeated the engagement process, again no
indication that the system was working other than showing number increases on the panel. There was no sound, no
vibration, and the dock lines didn’t indicate movement. With the system engaged, I went below and could then see
and hear the motor running, absolutely no vibration, the prop shaft happily spinning away. Back up on deck, and a
quick walk around I was able to see the current caused by the spinning prop, it was amazing.
With the companionway steps removed, the previous diesel engine made it impossible to carry on a conversation
even above in the cockpit. I could not hear the motor from the wheel position, and it will even be quieter when I
install the new steps to close off the motor compartment. Part of my confusion was the reversal of the controls. I
installed the throttle on the right side (starboard) of the wheel post, and if you engage the throttle forward you get
reverse. Can that be altered, I have checked through the manual and did not see anything with regards to throttle
orientation. (Note from editor – The throttle is programmable and is easily modified at the helm by engaging the
program. In addition to the direction of the propeller, speed/sensitivity of the throttle, battery type and size, and
regeneration setting are programmable at the helm). So when I initially engaged forward, I was observing a slack
spring line which should have been taught. Anyway, I doubt I could have asked for a better trial dock run, absolutely
amazing first results.
We are returning to the boat in two weeks to install the new steps and begin motoring trials out in Nanaimo Harbour,
I’ll let you know how that goes. At some point I’ll send you some photos of the process and final results. Other than
the throttle reversal, everything is better than expected, I can’t wait to see how the numbers turn out once we start
sea trials. Sorry about the novel, this is my first book, just so much to tell. In the meantime, have a wonderful day,
talk to you soon.
Very excited, Gord