//QuickCharge SCO4825

QuickCharge SCO4825


SCO4825 Selectable on-board charger – 48v – 25amps – (flooded, gel, AGM)

QuickCharge Chargers Industrial battery charger ideal for marine environment

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One touch programming allows these chargers to charge deep cycle wet cell, starting, gel, and AGM batteries with precision. Also programmable is the length of the absorption cycle. The 2 digit LED displays percent of charge to complete cycle, and battery voltage. A tricolor LED also follows charge progress. Can be temperature compensated. DC current limiting, and polarity protected. Turns on with as little as 2 volts.

Three year warranty and made in the USA.  These chargers are known for being “Bullet Proof”.  Unlike many disposable products on the market today all QuickCharge products are designed for industrial duty use and are “non-landfill compatible.”   If you have any QuickCharge products that are not working, they would much rather repair it than sell you a new one.

USER PROGRAMMABLE MODELS: Charge wet cell deep cycle, AGM, gel batteries and factory programmed to charge Lithium’s.

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